Casandra Horng | Sixteen | Taken by Khoa Van | South East Melbourne, Australia.



i just want a boy who touches me distractedly

like sitting watching a movie and he just kinds of drags his fingers over your skin while watching and he doesn’t have a motive he’s not trying to tickle you or be sexual with you he’s just touching your skin and feeling the shape of your bones under that skin like it’s physically comforting for him to know that you’re there right under his fingertips

oh fuck i didnt know girls liked when i did this

"When my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it.”
— unknown (via hopeinspiresme)

The little things hurt, I just don’t mention it.

'are you flirting with me or are you like this to everyone' a classic novel by me


i actually like asshole couples best like the couples that pick on each other so much and call each other names but it’s okay because you know they’re actually totally in love and none of it is meant in a mean way and every insult is punctuated by a sweet comment to remind the other how much they actually adore them and i’m sorry but there isn’t anything cuter ok